Vacuum Forming OEM & ODM

1. We use  highquality material with various colors such as PMMA, ABS,PC, PS, PP, APET, PVC, PET, PET-G, HIPS and so on.
2. The Max products size can be 2000*1400*800mm.
3. The material thickness can reach 12mm.
4. we are able to do silkscreen, spray painting and prototype etc.
5. Products are widely applied in toy, catering, auto, mechanism, household appliance, tourism, printing, medical equipment, architecture, touring, advertising, furniture etc.
6. Lower tooling costs.
7. Extremely adaptive to customer design needs.

Applications:Medical components, Automotive components, Electronics, Mass transit, Pet supplies, Housewares, Industrial covers, Storage container,Material handling, Luggage, Bath furnishings, Agricultural components, Advertisement, Roofing solutions,Food packaging and Sustainable packaging.