Respirator Safety Gas Dust Mask

The gas mask is a novel design gas mask, whose canister is connected directly to the face piece. When the air is a contaminated NBC agent, the gas mask provides effective protection to the wearers respiratory organs, eyes and facial skin. The gas mask is designed for the military, police and civil defense and can also be used in industry, agriculture, storehouses, scientific research work, etc.
2. Head harness type mask with lightweight canister
Gas: not less than 50 minutes at 30L /min, 1.5 mg/L, 80-80% RH conditions.
Hydrocyanic acid: not less than 50 minutes at 30L /min, 3mg/L conditions.
Oil mist penetration coefficient: ont more than 0.005% at 30 L/min.
Inhalation resistance: not more than 186pa at 30 L/min.
Exhalation resistance: not more than 100pa at 30 L/min.
Visual field: total not less than 75%, binocular visual field not less than 30%.
Weight: complete set of mask 780 grams.(With one filter)
Double filter.
Full face visor for the wide field vision.


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